Education by Hidden Tempo

Master "Branded" Direct Response Marketing
Learn the proprietary strategies used at Hidden Tempo, including copywriting, funnel building, media buying, ad creatives, and more

Learn how to apply the principles of direct response marketing without sacrificing brand voice and positioning to craft high converting copy, funnels, and ads that achieve first order profitability by leveraging AI with our plug and play strategies

Master copywriting, funnels, media buying, and email marketing with a comprehensive 60 day course that teaches you how to craft high converting Facebook, TikTok, and YouTube ads, video and text sales letters, sales pages, emails, and much more

Receive ongoing support in a Discord community of talented marketers who are in the trenches and will show you what is and isn't working in real time, including personalized feedback on your business, outreach, and strategies

Gain access to Hidden Tempo's "plug and play" AI prompt library to build a lean and efficient business

Receive an A to Z client acquisition strategy to find potential clients, execute outreach with high response rates, and close $2,000+ to $5,000+ monthly retainers

Weekly coaching calls for copy feedback, advice on outreach strategy, analysis of your funnels, and general Q&A

Stay up to date on the latest trends and strategies that are working and secure "first mover" advantage to stay on the cutting edge and ahead of the rest of the market

Learn from X's Authority on E-Commerce and Direct Response Marketing

Here’s why joining the AI Powered Marketer will be the best decision you’ll make on your journey to becoming a successful, highly paid marketer :

You’re learning from a seasoned veteran who is still in the trenches and practices the business model he teaches.

You can check out some of the results from members and feedback below:

For clients at Hidden Tempo, we’ve written and created long form video sales letters, Facebook and YouTube ads, upsell scripts, advertorials, and more for e-commerce brands while also managing email marketing for many of them.

We also devoted significant time to developing a comprehensive library of AI prompts for Hidden Tempo that can be used to create a high volume of direct response copy that rival the quality of what the top copywriters in the world produce.

Now you can access Hidden Tempo’s entire playbook when it comes to direct response marketing, client acquisition, and AI prompt engineering…

Here's What's Inside:

60 day course on direct response marketing, copywriting, funnels, and media buying:

An in-depth comprehensive course on full stack marketing, including video sales letters, YouTube and Facebook ads, sales pages, and more, by leveraging AI

Exclusive Discord community:

Join a community of like-minded entrepreneurs to master direct response marketing and how to leverage cutting-edge AI techniques to create high converting marketing strategies that rival the output of the best marketers in the world

Detailed library of AI prompts:

How to create high converting copy for ads, landing pages, sales scripts, and more on a semi-automated basis with AI

Real-time updates :

Dive into a well-structured curriculum that covers everything from the fundamentals of direct response marketing to advanced strategies.

​​Comprehensive training on finding and closing clients:

Learn how to identify and execute outreach to find e-commerce and high ticket coaching/info products clients

Build a Solid Foundation of Marketing Skills with Detailed Step by Step Trainings for:

Facebook, TikTok, and YouTube ad scripts and copy

​Video sales letters and text-based sales letters

​Funnel structures and optimizations

​Sales page and landing page copy


Writing headlines

​Writing curiosity bullets / fascinations

​Improving average order value with copy

​Creating powerful leads for sales letters

​Upsell copy

​Direct response email copy

​Copywriting and unique mechanism research

​Beating controls

Hybrid ecom pages

​Copywriting compliance

​AI prompt engineering for automated and efficient copywriting

Unlock Access to a Comprehensive Library of Trainings to Gain Cutting Edge Marketing Skills:

By signing up today, you will receive instant access to three phases of training modules. Here’s a detailed overview of each:

Direct Response Fundamentals

Module #1: Master online business fundamentals and develop an understanding of profitable offers

Module #2: Funnel optimization and understanding your KPIs and metrics to improve your funnel

Module #3: Develop a profitable funnel structure, including highly converting ads, landing pages, upsells, and more

Module #4: Optimize your sales pages

Module #5: Deep dive into Facebook ad creatives and how to create and scale them

Module #6: Deep dive into YouTube ad creatives and how to create and scale them

Module #7: Deep dive into TikTok ad creatives and how to create and scale them

Module #8: Simplified yet highly effective strategy to run ads on any platform, including Facebook, Google, and TikTok

Module #9: How to craft a highly converting offer with irresistible copywriting techniques

Module #10: How to implement direct response strategies into your TikTok creatives for organic and paid traffic and the five unique themes to convert views into sales

Module #11: How to craft persuasive copy for pre-sell and advertorial pages to place your prospects in a mental state to buy

Module #12: How to write powerful fascinations (curiosity bullets) that leave your prospects wanting more

Module #13: How to create curiosity-inducing headlines and leads for TikTok, Facebook, sales pages, and more to drive sales at a positive ROI

Module #14: How to write emails that drive sales with direct response copywriting

Module #15: How to write high converting upsells to boost your average order value

Module #16: Advanced training on pre-sell pages and advertorials

Module #17: Advanced training on direct response email copywriting

Module #18: Advanced training on writing copy for Facebook and YouTube ads

Module #19: How to execute research to write good copy

Module #20: How to write copy for product page descriptions

Module #21: How to write a comprehensive sales letter (video and text-based)

Module #22: Deep dive on Pinterest ads

Module #23: Advanced training on email marketing tactics

Module #24: Case study on an 8 figure e-commerce brand

Module #25: Aggressive email marketing tactics to monetize lists

Module #26: Hybrid ecom pages

Module #27: Compliance for copywriting

Module #28: Attribution

Module #29: Big ideas

Module #30: Swipe file for landing pages, VSLs, and more

Module #31: Swipe file for ad creatives

Module #32: More email marketing strategies

Finding Clients for Freelancers and Agencies

Module #1: Outreach methods that are working right now to find potential clients

Module #2: Cold outreach scripts

Module #3: Structuring offers and pricing for your services

Module #4: Running audits for potential clients

Module #5 Sales call training to close clients for $3,000 monthly retainers

Module #6: Finding your first info product clients

Module #7: Handling objections

Module #8: Hitting your KPIs

Module #9: How to set up your business

Module #10: Avoiding scope creep

Module #11: Running onboarding calls

Module #12: How to increase your inbound leads

Module #13: Upwork strategies

Module #14: Inbound leads on Facebook and X

AI Prompt Engineering

Module #1: Overview of AI prompt engineering

Module #2: Audience research with AI

Module #3: AI prompts for marketing assets

Module #4: Writing emails with AI

Module #5: Leads with AI

Module #6: Copy chiefing with AI

Module #7: Researching and developing direct response copy with AI

Module #8: Direct response emails with AI​

Module #9: Website copy with AI

This has to be Expensive. What's my Investment?

Your investment is only $197. Upon signing up, you’ll receive instant access to:

1. The full 60 day course: 65 training modules on direct response copy, and AI prompt engineering totaling over 30 hours of video content

2. The Discord community with a live chat: Receive 24/7 feedback from members and myself on any questions you may have

Is this Right for You?

This course is perfect for you if you’re in either of the two categories below:

E-Commerce Brand Owners:

If you own an e-commerce brand, this course will transform how you approach your marketing strategies. You'll gain insights into the latest direct response techniques tailored specifically for first order profitability. Learn to craft compelling copy that drive sales, improve customer retention, and increase your ROI.

Agency Owners and Freelancers:

Regardless of where you are in your journey, you will receive a full stack marketing education by joining today. Whether you're an email marketer, copywriter, or media buyer, you'll round out your knowledge, learn how to acquire larger clients, and deliver superior results

Frequently Asked Questions

Education by Hidden Tempo is an educational platform and community for entrepreneurs and marketers looking to excel in direct response marketing. We offer a 60-day course, exclusive access to a Discord community, and extensive client acquisition training.

You will instantly receive access to all training modules as outlined above, which will serve as the most comprehensive marketing training program available.

In addition, and most importantly, you will receive access to the exclusive Discord community dedicated to helping you achieve your business and income goals with 24/7 support from our team and the rest of the community.

Our 60-day course provides in-depth training in full stack marketing, covering various aspects such as video sales letters, YouTube and Facebook ads, sales pages, and more. We emphasize the use of AI to enhance your copywriting skills and produce high-converting content.

Our comprehensive client acquisition training teaches you how to identify and reach out to potential clients in various niches. You’ll gain practical insights and strategies to secure clients and grow your freelance or agency business.

No, the trainings are designed to teach beginners with no experience and give them full stack marketing skills.
The trainings range from beginner level to extremely advanced. You will learn cutting edge AI strategies as well as receive exposure to what funnels are working right now. You will receive significant value regardless of your skill and business level.

Of course, as long as you are committed to learning, this course will provide you with the full stack marketing skills you need.

All you need is a minimum of 30 minutes to 1 hour per day (at least 3 to 4 hours per week) to study, participate in the community, and take action to succeed.

You can reach out to or reach out to me on Twitter or Instagram. My handle is @pmktg00.

It is definitely a lot and could easily be priced higher. This program is designed to rival the top digital marketing mentorships and coaching programs, which are typically priced at $497 per month or can cost upwards of $5000.

Ask anyone who has been through any of my training programs, and they will tell you that the value is always unmatched. I have always aimed to overdeliver on value and content with any training I put out, and this community is no different. Join the course with the confidence of knowing that you will receive more value than you could imagine.

Master "Branded" Direct Response Marketing


*Earnings and income representations made by Hidden Tempo and its advertisers/sponsors are aspirational statements only of your earnings potential. These results are not typical and results will vary. The results on this page are OUR results and from years of testing. We can in NO way guarantee you will get similar results. The sales figures stated above are our personal sales figures and those of students that worked extremely hard. Please understand these results are not typical. I’m not implying you’ll duplicate them (or do anything for that matter). The average person who follows any “how to” information gets little to no results. I’m using these references for example purposes only. Your results will vary and depend on many factors…including, but not limited to, your background, experience, and work ethic. All business entails risk as well as massive and consistent effort and action. If you're not willing to accept that, this is not for you.