We help exceptional businesses grow organically, acquire new customers at no cost, and supercharge engagement with millions of impressions on TikTok, Instagram Reels, and YouTube Shorts

We create VIRAL content for mass scale distribution that allows you to acquire new customers without paying for ads, build brand equity and customer loyalty, and enhance social media engagement across all channels

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We have a proven track record of generating results for our clients in the first 60 days

In just the first two months of working with us, Lisa generated over 700,000 views across TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube… on an automated basis without filming any new content












Pharmacist Ben Fuchs has generated over 300,000 views just by standing in the comfort in his own home and recording videos using our scripts with many of his videos each receiving tens of thousands of views…Ben now has over 58,000 followers …and his skincare brand is thriving






In just 30 days, Dave increased his reach by over 20 times when he posted his 12th video and generated over 14,000 views…

14,700+ Views

14,700+ Views

Dominate the new “attention economy” with mass scale distribution of your content

For high growth profitability, all aspects must work in concert like an orchestra…And a strong organic content strategy is the conductor that allows you to stay at the top of the minds of your audience

Social media platforms, including TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube, are prioritizing short-form content, making this an opportunity impossible to ignore.

Utilize organic content on TikTok, Instagram Reels, and YouTube Shorts to generate millions of views, gain new customers organically, and build a highly engaged audience of raving fans.

The Problem:
Creating viral organic content consistently requires a steep upfront investment and full-service team with a diverse skill set

An in-house team would require a creative director, video script writer, video editor, market researcher, and community/account manager

Creative director
$ 0
Video script writer
$ 0
Video editor
$ 0
Market researcher
$ 0
Community manager
$ 0

The Solution:
Implement the Hidden Tempo blueprint to seamlessly and efficiently create viral organic content at scale with the support of a world-class team that has experience growing accounts across a variety of verticals and gaining millions of views

Our hands-on white glove service provides:

A content strategy to ensure you never run out of ideas to engage your audience
Professional scriptwriting that leads to captivating, viral videos that are promoted by the algorithm to maximize the likelihood of virality
Professional video editing with captions and hashtags to create the most engaging videos that keep viewers hooked
Automated posting: Let our team handle your account management
Analytics monitoring to identify the best performing content and iterate on what works best for your accounts

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